Palo Pastoral Community


The Canossian Sisters’ presence as an  apostolic group in Palo, Leyte was born as a response of the Sacred Heart Province Philippines-PNG to where the need is: the thousands of super typhoon Haiyan victims in the much devastated island of Leyte last November 8, 2013.  After some discernment and initial explorations, the Community Organizing and Housing Project slowly took shape bearing the acronym – CARE for PA-BOR, that is Canossian Assistance and Rebuilding Efforts for Palo (Leyte) and Borongan (Samar).  After the house construction in a newly acquired lot in Barangay Castilla, Palo, Leyte, two sisters were tasked to journey with 52 families through spiritual formation and a community program on social responsibility, to gradually lead these families to think and act as a community for two years.

In 2016, the Most Rev. John Du, Archbishop of Palo, formally invited the Canossian Sisters to establish a community in the archdiocese to continue the Christian formation to the families in the CANOSSA VILLE housing project and to assist in its catechetical apostolate.  In 2017, the Sisters’ presence as apostolic group became a canonically erected  apostolic community of three sisters.  One sister  is involved in the catechetical apostolate of the Archdiocese. Two sisters are involved in the community organizing and income generating projects which are currently vegetable farming and poultry raising in order for them  to be a self-reliant community and enable them to be agents of transformation to their own family, church, and society.


The entire project from  year 2013 up to the present is an epic example and witness of collaboration and cooperation  between and among the Canossian Sisters throughout the world , GO's ,  NGO, church organizations and private individuals. Canossa-Ville goes on and testifies that there are people of goodwill who reach out for the good of the poor.