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Our Spirituality

Through her contemplation of Christ Crucified, Magdalene comes home to her true identity as she discovers herself, like Christ, as both daughter and humble servant.  In contemplating the heart of Christ Crucified, Magdalene’s own heart awakens to the real meaning of love and her response is the desire to “do the same”.  Her own heart is set on fire with a love so deep and universal that her desire is to be able to embrace, to give “hospitality” in her own heart, to the whole of humanity, in imitation of the heart of Christ Crucified.  It is the same charity that Magdalene both experiences and discovers in Christ Crucified that she wishes to share with others:  to animate all their actions and works in the spirit of charity of Jesus Crucified, “a spirit of charity, gentleness, meekness and humility; a spirit of zeal and fortitude, a most amiable, most generous and most patient spirit.” (St. Magdalene of Canossa) Magdalene exhorted her Daughters to love Our Lady of Sorrows and honor her as Mother of Charity at the foot of the Cross, to have recourse to her as model of faith and humble love for continual docility to the Spirit and fidelity to the charism of charity till the end. 

Magdalene shared this spirituality to her Daughters and to the lay persons she formed for the Church.  Since then, the Canossian Sisters and other lay persons attracted to the same call have been deepening this spirituality and has drawn them closer to God and their neighbors.